Meet the Founder

Allan Young (Founder of Forward One Construction Inc.) comes from a family of constructive engineers. Growing up his talented father and his company were constantly designing, building, and manufacturing structures. As a young child, Allan spent hours on end watching his father build while other kids were out playing and being kids. As his father became aware of Allan’s growing interest for the business he got him involved and tested his dedication by getting him to do some of the grunt work which consisted of cleaning up after the crew, moving items from one end to the other, driving equipment around, etc. Allan was happy to help and did this for several years until he showed that he was ready and capable of working with machinery.

Not only did Allan find his passion for construction at a very young age but he also learned the meaning of a strong work ethic. He understood the importance of working hard, attention to detail, being dedicated to his projects and assignments, and pitching in wherever and whenever his team needed him. These lessons are what make Allan the dedicated and passionate Contractor he is today.

As a young man, Allan decided to pursue a career in the forestry industry as a Forestry Engineer and worked at several lumber mills while earning his degree. After several years in this industry he decided it was time to make a radical career change. This led him to start his Project Management (PM) experience working for Vancouver’s largest and most prominent yoga & athletic wear company. Allan was responsible for rolling out new stores and expanding their stores outside of British Columbia. He was very excited and fortunate to join the company during the period where it was growing at a dramatic speed. Allan’s $10 million dollar portfolio meant he had to manage several projects simultaneously, and his attention to detail had to be impeccable.

After several years of PM experience, Allan decided it was time to combine his strong PM experience with his passion for construction. He worked construction for several years gaining experience through a vast array of residential and commercial projects. His success was almost immediate and that’s when he decided to start his own company.

Forward One Construction Inc. is fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated network of trades it works with on a regular basis. The personnel the company partners up with on projects shares the same vision, dedication, and work ethic allowing the company to deliver the most outstanding of service, quality, and end product.

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