General Contracting

Our large and expanding relationships with contractors, vendors, suppliers, wholesalers, trades and sub-trades give us the ability to complete just about any job. If we don’t know someone who can do it, chances are we know someone who knows someone who can.

As a general contractor we provide a service based on the three aspects of construction: budget, quality, and schedule. When selecting a trade, we strive to assemble at least three quotes to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Subcontractors are selected by speed, quality or cost. We pay our subcontractors immediately after they have completed their work as this encourages them to schedule their work around our demands thus ensuring the job will be done in a timely manner. We believe in due diligence and guarantee that our subcontractors are covered under WCB and have full insurance coverage as well as any other accreditation that is requested from you.

We ourselves are fully insured and have an excellent standing with WCB. Furthermore, we belong to a number of other construction organizations which assist in maintaining a level of integrity.

We are firm believers in honesty and will often provide an open billing system. Depending on the type of contract selected by you, we will supply a copy of all the original receipts for everything relating to the project including our mark-up and administration costs; a fully transparent cost analysis.

Project Management / Construction Management

We have extensive experience in project management ranging from managing small home renovations to building an entire new house to small commercial renovations to building a complete new office space. We can bring a finished product from concept to open house! We have worked with contractors, architects, designers, boards, landlords, tenants, property managers, municipalities, and more.

The level of involvement differs from job to job and we are quite capable of jumping in at any stage in the process. We can either work within a budget, within a schedule, or towards a specific finished product. For large projects we can compile a management team to suit the necessary needs.

Service / Maintenance

As any large project comes to an end, most often scheduled maintenance is required. This is also a service we can provide.

Included in this division is pre-occupancy deficiency remediation, tenant coordinated facility maintenance, general repairs, small-scale renovations, and tenancy restorations.
We provide on call repairs, from three-hour service calls to small restorations lasting several weeks. Anything longer will be considered a contract situation.

We are capable of dealing with individual tenants, landlords, property management companies, etc., and offer everything from a hassle free experience to a specific task-by-task punch list.

Fabrication Shop

This does not really fit into a service offered, but we feel it should be mentioned as it gives us the diversity, and flexibility others could not normally provide.

The shop is fully geared to construct anything from wood, metal, or other specialty materials needed for a specific project. The shop offers us a staging area to build and assemble drop shipped items.

We can create custom millwork, custom metal work, film and television sets and props, staging and storage, and much more.

Our landlord owns multiple industrial locations therefore during times of need we are able to expand our shop to ramp up production.

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